To fundraise for the "No Tankers" campaign, to advocate for a permanent ban on off-shore drilling in BC, and to raise public awareness about the issues.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

And so it begins...

On May 31, 2010, Kristin Miller, a quilter on Gabriola Island, BC, sent out an email to ten people with the following words: "The terrible mess with the BP oil well off the Louisiana coast has me sick at heart, and feeling the need to do something to help prevent a similar disaster on our coast, and perhaps also to help out in Louisiana somehow..." she went on to outline some of her ideas.

Nine of the ten people immediately responded positively with comments ranging from "great idea" to "I'd love to be part of it" to "Count me in!"
The very next day six of these women met at Kristin's to discuss the concept further.

Within 24 hours a movement was underway...

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