To fundraise for the "No Tankers" campaign, to advocate for a permanent ban on off-shore drilling in BC, and to raise public awareness about the issues.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our first fundraiser

"Would you like to help us clean up our quilts - they're all covered in oil?" brought many people into our booth on a very wet and soggy day in last Sunday. Spirits were high at our first fundraiser held during the Fall Fair on Gabriola. Four glorious quilts were on display, covered with "oil blobs" which, for a Loonie, passerby's could remove. Many people came back again and again to see what would emerge. Slowly an incredibly cute otter was cleaned up, 
then a seal on a rock, some starfish... and then a salmon, as more and more pins were removed. Kids in particular enjoyed helping out, and parents appreciated the visual connection to get the message across.

$ 222.00 was raised and sent home with the Dogwood Initiative representative who had come up from Victoria for the day to raise awareness about the issues at hand. Here's the article she wrote about our project: http://dogwoodinitiative.org/blog/unspoiled-unoiled-coast-quilt-project?utm_source=AdaptiveMailer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=E-News&org=354&lvl=100&ite=350&lea=78355&ctr=0&par=1

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